Whietail Drone Services, LLC

We are a thermal drone company located in south eastern Ohio. With the use of our thermal camera, we are able to quickly & efficiently locate deer, wildlife & pets day or night. Our mission is to provide effective search operations for untrackable whitetail deer. We are dedicated to providing high-quality drone recovery missions to all hunters in the area.

Thermal Drone
With the DJI M3T, we are able to help you track your deer 24/7 with our thermal camera!

Deer tracking / recovery

Day or night 24/7

Deer Herd Analysis

Our team is here to track & provide analysis of you herd population and location.

Lost animal / Wildlife Recovery

Our team can track your lost pets & even livestock animals

Roof inspections

We offer cost effective roof inspections

Real Estate

Picture perfect aerial photography


We can provide the best shots.

And much more!

Fill out our quote down below with a detailed message of anything you need!

Here at Whitetail Drone Services, LLC, our primary mission is to locate lost or wounded whitetail deer to all hunters in the area. However, with our 4k & thermal camera, the sky is the limit & any operation can be made possible to accomodate to our customers.
How it works
For deer recovery which is available in all Ohio counties, you will first need to fill out our quote form, we will then receive an email.

We will get your details on your location and confirm if we are available. Next we will send a link where you can complete your purchase upfront. Deer recovery cost is $300

Once confirmed, we will head to your location, develop a game plan & deploy the drone. Once the drone has taken off, the process can take as little as 60 seconds but often won't exceed more than a couple hours. Fill out the quote below & let's get to work!

Note: Attempts for all types of recovery will be made year round. However, the success rate for thermal technology is much higher in the fall/winter months due to cooler temperatures on the ground.

Disclaimer: No recovery action is guarnteed
  • Saint Clairsville, OH, USA
  • Saint Clairsville, OH, USA